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     AICTE adopts PEC's academic model

Chandigarh, March 26th 2007, Tribune News Service

Punjab Engineering College has done the city proud. The All-India Council of Technical Education has adopted the college’s model of engineering education to be implemented in other engineering colleges across the country.

During a recent meeting of the All-India Board of Undergraduate Studies in Engineering and Technology (AIB-UG), the AICTE’s academic arm for BE/BTech programmes has adopted the academic model which was implemented for the first time at Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh, when it became a deemed university in 2005.

One of the first acts of the academic senate of PEC, when it was formed in June 2005, was the adoption of an innovative academic policy which was a major deviation from the prevailing model of engineering education around the country. It brought in a new way of designing an undergraduate programme with emphasis on technology and design - the two very important components that are woefully inadequate in the traditional engineering programmes.

The AICTE’s board has also recommended to all universities to adopt a course titled ‘Introduction to Mechatronics’ of PEC as part of the core curriculum. PEC was perhaps the first college in India to introduce this in 2005 at the first-year level.

Some of the courses, including ‘Unified Mechanical Engineering’ and ‘Unified Electrical Engineering’ which were introduced for the first time at PEC, have also been recommended for adoption.

The board has adopted the same focus on laboratories that PEC has introduced with separate combined labs rather than labs with individual courses. In fact, the annexure on the ‘Design of Laboratory Courses’ appears to have been taken almost verbatim from a similar document of PEC. It marks a major departure from the traditional way of doing set experiments mechanically and recommends that design of experiments constitutes a major part of laboratory education and how to go about designing such laboratories.

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