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     PEC alumni against name change

Chandigarh, June 27th 2007, Tribune News Service

Punjab Engineering College (deemed university) wants a new name for itself but its alumni doesn’t. The PEC authorities have proposed to change the name of the deemed university from ‘Punjab Engineering College’ to ‘Punjab Engineering College University’ but majority of its alumni have, in response to a survey, said no change of name was needed.

“PEC has a brand value, but there is need to have the word university with its for its global recognition,” said PEC director Dr Vijay Gupta. The college, earlier affiliated to Panjab University, became a deemed university a few years ago and since then the original name has been retained. “The two words deemed university are not part of the name of the college but are added in brackets after PEC,” said the director.

Giving an example of the legendary Government College Lahore, Dr Gupta added that a few years ago, the college was given the status of a university and the name was changed to Government College Lahore University. “We want to retain the word Punjab as it is a part of the college heritage,” said Gupta.

However, when a formal proposal had come up for discussion during a meeting of the board of governors, it was decided that the various alumni associations of the college be asked to give their opinion on the issue. Over 64 per cent of the alumni said there was no need to have any change in the name of the college. About 10 per cent felt it could be called PEC University. Some approved the name “PEC University of Engineering and Technology” while some felt PEC can be re-christened as National Institute of Technology (NIT), Chandigarh. Others suggested it be called ‘PEC NIT Chandigarh’ while very few approved the names ‘Panjab University for Engineering and Technology’, ‘Engineering and Technology University of Panjab’, ‘Punjab Engineering University Chandigarh’, ‘PEC Institute of Technology’, ‘PEC Technology University’ and ‘Punjab Engineering University’. Many of the alumni, however, liked the name ‘Punjab Engineering College and Technological Advancement University’ (PEC TECH). “The aim is to retain the acronym PEC as that is what is associated with the college the most,” said the director.

The move came up for discussion during the last meeting of the board of governors of the college held recently, but the matter had to be deferred. Sources said in view of the fact that the alumni had categorically refused to change the name, members of the board felt the name should not be changed. However, some members insisted that the word ‘university’ be added to the name even if it will have the words ‘university’ and ‘college’ together.

“It has been decided to take a look at the PEC constitution and see whether a provision exists for the change of name. In case there is a provision, we will move further,” said Gupta.

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