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     Celebrating the spirit of youth: PEC Fest

Chandigarh: The wait and hard work of the past six months finally paid off as PEC Fest 4th Dimension kicked off on Friday. The chief guest, Padmashree Chandra Mohan, Director DSW, the students and other members of the faculty, the convener and the chairman of PEC Fest were all present.

The first event of PEC Fest began was ‘ Think India Think’, a formal discussion conducted by co-convener Ketan Chaudhry followed by an interaction amongst R.S. Bains, chief guest, the faculty and the students where they shared their views on ‘Back to the future’.

Students in huge numbers thronged events such as clay modeling, ras leela (the skit competition), eclectica, the salsa workshops, the GD fish market event and also showed their enthusiasm for all other events spanning the entire day. Passes for the groovz and gliteratti were distributed to students in the afternoon. The robocup event (soccer game between robots) saw a huge audience as well. The go- karting had a huge queue as many tried to test their driving skills on the racetrack.

A large crowd turned out to watch various attractions of the day, including the statistics are rising by the minute as the highlights of the day, ‘groovz’ dance competition and ‘gliteratti’ fashion show. Students from various colleges from the entire Northern region registered on the spot for the various events.

Various on-the-spot fun events like the tongue twister competition also attracted participants in huge numbers.

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