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     Pecobians display innovation at Open House'08

Chandigarh, April 26th 2008

For the first time the students of Punjab Engineering College, Deemed University, organized ‘Open House – 2008’, a first of its kind event in the region. This concept was brought to the institute by the new director, Dr. Manoj Datta. The Open House has been initiated as an annual event as an insight for the school students to the facilities and technical activities of the college.

The inauguration ceremony began at 9:30 where ‘Open House-2008’ was declared “open to all public” by the Director of PEC, who briefed the audience about the role of technology in human life and launched the ‘The Open House 2008’ magazine which was distributed amongst the visitors, with a promise of a longer event next year. The Dean Academic Affairs, Dr. Ashwani Prasher highlighted the role of PEC as a premium technical institute of the country and the various academic achievements and course curriculum of the institute; which was followed by a presentation by the Training and Placement Officer of PEC, Dr. M.L. Gupta on the scenario of on-campus placements and trainings over the past few years. Thereafter, the Dean Research and Planning, Dr. Arun K. Lall gave an informative session on the Research and Consultancy activities being undertaken by the college faculty and students. The student convenor, Gaurav Gehlawat informed the students about the various technical and co-curricular activities in the college.

The students were taken to various college laboratories where they could have a closer look at the projects prepared by PEC students. The students thoroughly enjoyed this knowledgeable experience which helped them gain a clearer perspective of their goal. The students were provided with refreshments during the visit. They responded enthusiastically to the enlightening seminars on “Technology: shaping the future”.

At the end of the event, Awards were presented to the best three projects by the PEC Alumnus society, PECOSA. The first prize was awarded to Anu Chauhan, Pallavi, and Priyanka Singh, under the guidance of Prof. Ajay Mittal, for their IT based project “Offline signature verification”. The second prize was given to Ankit Sethi, Amandeep, and Deepak Garg, under the guidance of Prof. Arun Kumar Singh, for their Electronics based project “Path finder”. The third prize was awarded to Noor Maini, Pulkit Kapoor, Prabhjot Singh, under the guidance of Prof. Tejbir Kaur, for “Rolling cylinder robot rover”.

After a day filled with a lot of excitement and new happenings, the students were very happy to have been able to be a part of something this innovative. This has indeed helped them in realizing that PEC is really an asset to the city.

Project that were on display for Open House 2008 (Source:

Design of a two seater airplane
Wing Design and analysis of a Fighter Plane
Horizontal axis Windmill Design and Fabrication
Smoke tunnel analysis of split flap

Women Empowerment through Micro Financing
Practicing Green Chemistry for Environmental Sustainability

Spoof Detection In Wireless networks
3-D object identification and depth perception using stereovision
To make a prototype of the project that can run in foggy weather.
Vulnerability assessment at application layer and prototype of honeypots
PITCAD- simulator for shooting game
Academia web server (MAIN PROJECT)

Study of Energy dissipation phenomena by Hydraulic jump in Ranjit Sagar Dam
Structural Design of NIT Kurukshetra Hostel
Study of Green buildings and its feasibility in Chandigarh
Design of different phases of a Modern multistory building
Review study of Beas Satluj link and its other components
Presentation of work done in survey camp at Forest Hill Resort, Naya Gaon
Design of the water supply scheme for a town in Himachal Pradesh
Design and study of intelligent transport system

Sound Level indicators and alarm circuit for it.
Direct control of induction motor using Fuzzy Controllers.
Dc Motor Speed control using parallel port of computer
Working Model of medium Frequency Induction Heater
Static Load Balancing framework for a cluster of workstations connected over a LAN.

Touch Input Controlled Games
Automated Guided Vehicle
Quiz Buzzer
Controlling Home appliances through Internet
Fully automatic Microcontroller based multiple fluid tanks absolute level measurement automation system
Automatic Transistor type and lead identifier (Poster)
Global Environment MEMS sensor. Next generation weather observing system (Poster)
Programmable Electronics Delay Detonator (Poster)
Path Finder (MAIN PROJECT)

Signature Verification
Text Recognition (MAIN PROJECT)
Load Balance
Computerized 3-D facial reconstruction

Mini SUV vehicle (Baja SAE India 2007)
Recycling of brake energy
Automated circuit to pick and place an assembly and to perform a stamping operation.
Wind screen wiper motion using microprocessor.
Rolling Cylinder Robot Rover
Six Legged Robot
Models of various gear trains and governors.
Wheel chair with multi utility functions.

Development of Biocompatible material for implantation (Poster)
SIMUCOSTATION – Software demonstrated through multimedia.
Replacement of Forged steel with cast Austemepered ductile iron for Gear ( poster)
Varistors – Electric Absorbing Buzz ( Poster )
Corrosion of Stainless Steel – Grain Engineering ( Poster )
Development of High strength non reactive directly reduced iron ( Poster )
Materials in present era ( Poster )
Indian eminent metallurgists and metallurgical companies ( Poster )

Lean Manufacturing using VSM as a tool
Super Finishing Magnetic abrasive Finishing Process
Super Finishing Roller Burnishing Process
Automatic Battery operated Wheel Chair / Battery operated Cycle
Design and Fabrication of a fixture to tighten car wheel nuts.

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