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     PEC students give 'Wings' to city

Chandigarh, August 4 2008, Times News Service

The students of Punjab Engineering College (PEC) released 'Wings', a unique magazine entirely dedicated to different arts forms and photography, on Monday.

The youngsters, all part of PEC's Art and Photography Club, said the annual magazine is aimed at facilitating the city residents interested in art and photography. It includes information on different aspects of art as it carries articles dedicated to thought, the art of writing, design, enjoying photography and abstraction.

Launched last year by the students as a tribute to Charu Puri, a former general secretary of the club, this year the magazine has evolved to a much higher level, promoting talent and sharing the true meaning of creativity with people.

The team behind this year's edition includes club's general secretary Himanshu Manchanda, chief designer Mohit Rodeja, editor Shefali Saroha, joint club secretary of the college Deepinder Singh, Urvashi Monga, Neha Khosla, Neha Kanwal, Sahil Thapa, Nonish Jain, Ishitaa and Arjun Wadwalkar .

The chief designer, Mohit, said, "Throughout the year, our club has been organizing activities that involve exercising the mind and help the members learn the intricacies of expressing themselves in a totally different manner."

A students' initiative, everything related to the magazine is done by the youngsters.

Himanshu Manchanda, the general secretary, laid emphasis on enjoying while learning, and said the actual interest to learn is inculcated when the environment is friendly.

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