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     Chandigarh digital map by CCE, PEC

Chandigarh September 21st 2009

General Dr. S. F. Rodrigues, PVSM, VSM (Retd.), Governor Punjab & Administrator, U.T., Chandigarh, inaugurated a “New Control Room with Automatic Vehicle Tracking Systems through Global Positioning System”, for the Police department of Chandigarh Administration on 21.09.2009.

This project has two main components i) the Digital Map, ii) Vehicle Tracking System. The first component i.e the Digital Map of Chandigarh, has been prepared by the Centre for Computational Engineering (CCE), PEC University of Technology, (PEC), (formerly Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh). The work was assigned by the Director Information Technology, Chandigarh Administration, in the month of March 2009. The project has been completed within five months by CCE. Quick Bird 0.6 meter resolution Satellite Imageries, have been used for the development of this Digital Map.

Digitization of features like roads, important buildings, parks, other land marks, residential and commercial areas including villages and colonies of Chandigarh, have been completed. In the digitization process, every feature is demarcated and it is given a unique code number with which its data is attached. Based upon the queries fired, the map responds back by extracting the information from the data base, e.g. the police can fire a query to know the locations where there have been more than ten accidents during the last three months. The system will immediately pick out the locations from the data base and highlight these sites on the Digital Map. The specific use of this Digital Map by the Chandigarh Police is to show the location of its various vehicles fitted with Global Positioning System (GPS).

After getting a call from a particular location for any incidence like theft, chain snatching, accident, etc. the police immediately locates the site on the Digital Map and identifies the nearest PCR Van and give directions to this vehicle to move to the site from where the call has been received. The movement of the PCR van will be seen and monitored in the Police Control Room. This process will further reduce the response time which at present is 3 to 5 minutes.

This Digital Map is also under implementation by Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU), who will monitor the movement of their buses fitted with GPS System. Because this Digital Map has been fully geo referenced using the DGPS, hence it can have a number of others useful applications for other departments of Chandigarh Administration, to provide better services to the residents of Chandigarh e.g. Electricity Department can have their complete distribution network system on the Digital Map, Utility Services like water supply, sewerage system, drainage system, can be completely managed on this Digital Map. CCE in PEC is fully competent to handle such projects assigned by Chandigarh Administration.

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