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     PEC students improve cycle rickshaw design

Chandigarh, October 10th 2009

The students of PEC University of Technology, unveiled their first version of a modified Cycle Rickshaw on 10th October 2009. The project has been awarded by the Chandigarh Administration. A team of 9 students comprising of Sahib Singh, Chandra Mohan Jakhar, Ankit Rampuria, Jaspreet Singh, Abhishek Kaushal, Sahil Bansal, Bhisham Mittal, Ankit Munjal, Ishank Sharma are working on the project under the guidance of 3 faculty advisors- Prof Praveen Kalra, Prof R.S. Walia and Prof Sarabjit Singh. The design is currently in testing phase. A final version is likely to emerge after field trials, in the next few weeks.

It is an endeavor to improve upon the existing design thereby making significant changes to improve puller as well as passenger comfort. The students said that once they were given this chance they took it as a very serious issue realizing their social responsibility. The existing design is highly uncomfortable for both the passenger and the puller. The students have tried to make their lives easier by adding comfort for both. Some of the significant improvements of design are spacious seat, complete back rest, ample space for luggage, low foot board, weight reduction by 25 kg and easily retractable canopy. The modified design will also last longer as it is made by an all tubular frame. It is believed that the modified design is environment friendly as it uses minimal wood and will help in saving trees. The students have expressed their deep gratitude to Prof. Manoj Dutta, the Director and the faculty advisors who have played a pivotal role in the outgoing project.

Improvements in Cycle Rickshaw underway at PEC University of Technology

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