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     Industrial tours mandatory for PEC students

Chandigarh, July 25, 2005: Laboratories are not sufficient training grounds to groom technical students. Realising the importance of practical experience, Punjab Engineering College (PEC) has made industrial tour mandatory for its students. The tour will take students to big production houses to unable them to understand the dynamics of engineering.

This training existed before but it was stopped a few years ago. The Board of Governors, however, has decided to make this tour compulsory. The students of all departments in their third year will visit industries across the country. This decision has been welcomed by the staff and students. The tour expenditure will be borne by the students.

Mr M. L. Gupta, Placement and Training Officer of PEC said, “This move will prove very useful as it will instill confidence among the students. They would be able to differentiate between theory and its workshop implementation. It will definitely help in shaping their career.”

Prof S. C. Sharma, Head of the Aeronautical Department, is happy with the decision. “This is a good move and it will groom the students in the right manner. Since such trips will be organised and managed by the students themselves, they can learn many things while travelling.”

Sudhir Dhamija, a third-year student of the Aeronautical Department, said, “It will definitely provide us the much-needed exposure. I am sure it will help us in our career since we would be travelling in groups , learning will be fun.”

Mr Vijay Gupta, Director of PEC, said these tours would be undertaken by the students in November or December. “We will work out some strategies and the committee will come out with suggestions. We will include ideas of students also. The PEC authorities will remain in touch with reputed industries.” On the funding of the trips, he said the college would see to it that the students are given some financial help.

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