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     PEC organizes Open House

Chandigarh May 1st 2010

PEC Open House is an annual event organized with the aim to encourage the young school students to pursue engineering as their career. It seeks to aspire the future generation of our country by opening their minds to the developing technologies of the present time. Open House gives the students of all the departments of the institute to an opportunity to showcase their projects in front of the students in the form of presentations and working models. The visiting schools are also acquainted with the laboratories and workshops of the college.

To talk of this year, PEC Open House witnessed a staggering participation of 47 schools which included GMSSS 35, GMSSS 16, AKSIPS, Bhawan Vidyalaya, DPS etc with over 750 students visiting PEC. There were over 50 projects, hand picked as the best from each department displayed this time. These spanned the Departments of Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering, Information Technology, Metallurgical Engineering, Production Engineering and Computer Science Engineering.

There were also a number of central projects like the Off Road Vehicle which stood as the second in an Asia Level vehicle design competition and the Redesigned Cycle Rickshaw which was given to the college by the UT administration. All the showcased projects were adjudged by Dr. C S Rao and Dr. D K Aggarwal (ex-PEC faculty), Dr Renu Vig (PEC alumni and the present director of UIET) and Dr Vijay Gupta (PEC alumni and the director of Walco Industries).

Amongst all, there were four which were adjudged as the best. the first prize was given to the project "Computer Controlled Multi Purpose Machine" made by Vineet Kumar, Arjun Bhasin, Aseem Grover, Eshesh Gupta, Manik Mahalotra (all 4th year Mechanical Engineering students); the second prize went to the "Blind Guidance System" by Amritpal S Saini (4th year Computer Science Engineering student); the third prize to "Highway Automization with Toll Tax Collection Model" by Aakash Chaudhary, Pranav Jaswal, Pulkit Aggarwal (4th year Electrical and Electronics Department students) and the fourth prize was taken away by "Estimation of Disparities using feature based methods" by Abhinav Saini, Akshit Talwar (4th year Information Technology Department students).

To add to these projects and presentations, a Science quiz was also conducted during the Open House and was organized by the Department of Applied Sciences. The first time city-based initiative with a participation of ever 55 teams was conducted to check on the scientific acumen of the school students and had cash prized worth over Rs 3000. In this, the first prize went to the team from DPS, the second to GMSSS 19 and the third to GMSSS 33.

PEC Open House awards were sponsored by the PEC Old Students Association or the PECOSA with the prizes and awards distributed by its president Mr. Anurag Aggarwal and Dr. Manoj Datta, Director of PEC. The event which lasted for around four hours also had a motivational play and song by the music and dramatics club of the college.

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