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     PEC students develop operating system in Hindi


CHANDIGARH: Three students of final year of engineering and computer science department of Punjab Engineering College have developed a DOS-based operating system which enables the user to give commands in Hindi along with English.

Abhishek Vaidya, who masterminded the project, told Times News Network, "We wanted to develop an interface which is bi-lingual and helps those working on the computer who are not very comfortable with the English language. For this we have defined a map which will convert the English commands into user-friendly Hindi language. Subsequently, we will work on a system where even the response that we get will be in Hindi."

The head of computer science and technology department, PEC, said, "It is very innovative - there is no operating system till now which works in Hindi. As such those who are not comfortable with English as a language feel intimidated about working on a computer. The operating system has been developed keeping in mind its potential of extensive usage in teaching, banking banking and offices."

The project was completed with the help of their online guide David Faulkner who provided technical assistance from the UK.

Speaking about the doubts that prevailed before the project was finally selected to be taken up, Arun Sangwan, who worked on the project, said, "Two of us were not very keen on working such a difficult project as we were not sure whether we will be able to complete it on time or not and marks were also at stake. But finally we took the plunge and made it."

Sanjeev Sofat told TNN, "We mean to carry on working on the project which will be passed on to the next batch of final year students so that it can subsequently come out as a product which can be used extensively by people. The project has a special significance since in our country there are a large number of Hindi speaking people who do not use computers in routine due to the operating systems being in English."

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