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     PEC to computerise birth and death registration in Mohali

SAS Nagar, July 14, 2005: MOHALI will soon boast of a computerised birth and death registration facility with the Centre for Computational Engineering department of the Punjab Engineering College (PEC) working towards finishing a project which involves surveying and mapping Mohali and software development of its birth and death registration.

The centre has surveyed all the residential Phases from I to XI and after the consolidation of the data, will survey Industrial Area and different Sectors of Mohali.

Mohali Municipal Council has already paid Rs 4 lakh to PEC for the project and another Rs 4 lakh would be paid after finishing the project.
It is learnt that the Municipal Council, in its meeting in June 2004, passed an agenda regarding this project and a team from PEC had given a demonstration of the project.

After house to house survey of the Mohali residents through specified proforma, the information will be loaded in a computer through a special software designed specifically for this project.

The rate for house to house survey and mapping has been fixed at Rs 7 per unit and data entry at Rs 2 per entry. For mapping of the roads, water supply lines, sewerage lines, residential, commercial and industrial complex and showing all the water and sewerage pipelines differently, the rate has been fixed at Rs 1,000 per square km and Rs 1.5 lakh has been earmarked for development of the mapping system.

The project should have finished earlier but the data, which was to be provided by the Municipal Council to PEC, was not given in time. The software developed by the department for registration of births and deaths in the city also contained discrepancies.

On Thursday, the software was brought to the council to be installed in the computer, but due to the discrepancies and un availability of appropriate data, it was not done.

An MC official, who is incharge of the work, said the maps have been submitted with PEC and the information will be loaded in the software.

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