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     Ticking off the teacher?

CHANDIGARH, Dec 5th 2005: The students of Punjab Engineering College are excited over a role reversal of sorts — they are playing evaluators of their teachers for the first time.

As part of the new restructuring following the deemed university status of the college this year, all students of the college have filled in a detailed form touching upon several aspects of their teacher and his or her ways in the classroom.

Senior students who never had such an opportunity were more expressive. Shipra and Aastha, both third year students, said: "We are all excited with the move.

Not only will it help the institution know how students perceive their teachers it will also provide vital inputs on improving the syllabus as well as the classroom environment."

Umang, in the final year, said they could never express their views on a semester and what improvements it needed. "In the long run the entire college will benefit from it," she said.

As per the new system all students in postgraduate and BE courses will provide subject specific and semester specific inputs every six months.

Ensuring greater transparency, inputs collected through around 10,000 forms will generate computerised graphs against each faculty which the director Prof Vijay Gupta will discuss individually.

This practice is followed in the IITs. Freshers Samridhi Mahajan and Firasat Ali too seem impressed. "The inputs will help our juniors who will benefit from whatever corrections are made in the delivery of lectures."

Students said out of the many parameters on which inputs were sought from them they liked the ones on the role of the instructor, syllabus covered and utility of the tutorials, approach of the faculty outside the classroom and encouragement given to discussions in the class.

As the ways of dealing with the syllabus in an engineering college need to be constantly upgraded the exercise would show the lacunae in the teaching system.

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