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     PEC joins national computing grid Garuda

Chandigarh, January 31 2006
The Punjab Engineering College (PEC) here has joined the group of 32 institutes across the country associated with Garuda- the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), national grid computing initiative. PEC is the second institute from the city to have joined in. The Institute of Microbial Technology (IMTECH) here is already working with Garuda.

“Garuda is a nation-wide general purpose computational grid which would connect 17 cities in its proof-of-concept phase with an aim to bring grid networked computing to research labs and the industry. It is aimed to accelerate India’s drive to turn its substantial research investment into tangible economic benefits,” explained Mr Saragur M. Srinidhi, CEO, Prometheus, Bangalore, who was at PEC today to deploy the system.

Mr Srinidhi added that a computational grid is an aggregation of heterogenous and geographically distributed resources such as computing storage and special equipments. “The aim of the grid is to dynamically share resources to facilitate optimal utilization. Grid allows us to solve complex problems that could not be dealt with otherwise. It provides high speed and seamless access to super computers and also enables creation and management of dynamic virtual collaborations and organizations,” said Mr Srinidhi.

The Garuda would be functional by April this year. “Access to Garuda network and resources would be through a grid portal managed by CDACV, wherein the users would have the option to choose from the fastest response to their task requests or deploying as many available computational nodes to their tasks or simply submitting job requests on the best effort mode of operation,” said Mr Srinidhi.

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