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     An engineer's degree for farming

New Delhi, March 21st 2006, CNN-IBN News Service

It's a rather unlikely setting for a mechanical engineer as he rides a tractor into the lush green farms of his village in Punjab. Amarjeet Singh Dhillon says he wants to stick to his roots and is happy that his education is helping him innovate new farming techniques.

Dhillon, an engineer by profession and a farmer by choice, is a Gold Medallist from Punjab Engineering College.

And perhaps, this is his way of applying his technical knowledge in farming to reap rich dividends "I can be way more innovative and creative as a farmer than as an engineer," Singh says.

Dhillon has also been accorded the title of the "most innovative farmer" by the state Chief Minister. Dhillon has single handedly turned his 12-acre farm, which was running on a loss into a profitable venture. He is using it for organic farming and is now trying his hand at bee farming as well.

But he feels that the farmers in the state have been left unattended by the government. They have to fend for themselves. "The government doesnít really help farmers and policies are particularly bad for those producing Basmati rice and sugar cane. We need to change all that," Singh adds. And he's already taken a step into that direction.

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