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     PEC students protest against reservation

Chandigarh, April 13th 2006, Tribune News Service

Students of the Punjab Engineering College and University Institute of Engineering and Technology took to the roads today in protest against the reservation policy of the government.
The students marched to the Sector 17 plaza where they formed a human chain to mark their solidarity against the move of the Central Government to extend reservation of seats in universities and elite colleges to OBCs.

Over 150 students gathered at the UIET on the Panjab University campus here this evening with about 100 PEC students joining them. The students then marched through Sector 15, Sector 16 and ended in Sector 17. The students carried banners and raised slogans against the policy.

“Ours is a totally peaceful campaign and we are not politically motivated either. We are protesting against the reservation policy of the government since it is breeding differences among the student community,” pointed out Sunny.

The students wanted the Prime Minister to break his silence and come out with a clear statement on his stand on this sensitive issue which had send shock waves across the country.

“I feel that the government had raked up the issue just before the Assembly polls in five stated with an aim to capitalise on the reservation issue for cheap electoral gains. It undermines the capabilities of a section of the community,” pointed out Sunny from UIET.

Teginder Kaleka from PEC said, “Reservation is not the solution to cover up for the deficiencies and the failure of the successive governments in providing the underprivileged sections of society with basic educational infrastructure. In today’s competitive and globalised world, it is merit and talent that count, irrespective of any community or caste.

Pawanjeet from UIET said, “In order to keep pace with the developed countries of the world we need more talented people. A reservation policy would do more harm than good.”

The students have also drafted an appeal for the President of India against the reservation policy and also started a signature campaign for the appeal. “What was introduced as a temporary measure to give the much needed impetus to the backward classes, SCs and STs at the time of Independence has been twisted and warped by people with vested interest to suit their own political agendas. What was meant to bring the lower classes to stand on their feet has become a crutch for them even after 60 years of Independence. All of this at the cost of merit which should be the sole criteria for the selection and promotion of an individual in any sphere of life,” states a part of the appeal.

To sign online petition against the new reservation policy, click here

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