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     Improve your memory the Biswaroop way

Ludhiana, May 16th 2006, Express News Service

Facing a tough time remembering phone numbers, your daily appointments, grocery, or your to-do tasks list. Well, sharpen up your memory skills the Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury way. In town today to announce the launch of what Biswaroop claims is the world’s first memory movie titled Yaad rakhenge aap, the memory man says, ‘‘Expand your imagination, and your capacity to memorise increases.’’

Biswaroop plays the lead role in the film along with Ayesha Jhulka. He says, ‘‘I have written 12 books and also come out with a pen that can help improve one’s memory. It’s then that the idea of producing a film came to me. In this film too, I have used techniques which have been woven in a typical filmi masala.’’

The principal on which Biswaroop basses his techniques is simple. ‘‘I follow the rule given by Einstein, who said that imagination is more powerful than knowledge. I try and make people associate some form of imagination to the things that they need to memorise. When the time comes to recollect it, the brain sends back the correct signals. Say you have a long grocery list to shop. Then each item that a person has to memorise can be associated with something which already exists in our brains. Recollection then comes easy.’’

The film, says Biswaroop, will be released in the city on June 4. ‘‘I will bring a well-known medical practitioner Dr Roop Singh, to counsel people.’ ’ he said. He added that his students had benefitted from the technique.

Biswaroop has done production engineering from Punjab Engineering College. ‘‘Later, when I worked with the Vardhman group, I tried to study this field of increasing one’s memory, as I was very forgetful.’’

Now, Biswaroop can easily recall a huge board full of around 30 numericals, after just a look at them. He stresses that remembering something is not much of an art. ‘‘Recalling something right is an art, and this is what I want people to enhance,’’ he asserts.

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