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     PEC to set up Cyber Security Research Centre

Chandigargh, September 25th, Express News Service

THE Chandigarh Administration has today approved the blueprint, prepared by its Department of Information Technology, for the establishment of a Regional Cyber Security Research Centre (RCSRC).

The centre would be set up at a cost of Rs 3 crore and would be completed over a period of three years. The setting up of the centre was announced during e-Revolution 2006 held in July this year.

The centre will be established in collaboration with Nasscom and Punjab Engineering College (PEC) and will be initially situated on PEC campus.

The centre will later be shifted to the upcoming entrepreneurs development centre in the Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park (RGCTP).

The IT department will be the facilitator for the project apart from providing funds for the project and all other logistics required. PEC, meanwhile, will provide the building within its campus, apart from providing academic support in the form of research scholars and students to the project.

IT giant Nasscom will provide support to the research work to be undertaken by PEC apart from being the crucial link between the research faculty and IT industry. Besides, it will be providing its expertise on cyber security issues including forwarding inputs from the IT industry to the research centre for desired action.

A board of mentors has also been approved to overlook the project and provide required vision to the upcoming centre. The board will comprise members from the academia, IT industry including NASSCOM, apart from the Chandigarh Administration.

As per the detailed proposal, approved by the UT Administration, the centre would provide aid and advise to organisations in cyber security policy enforcements, conduct security audits and incident handling, provide various IT organisations, including the police department, consultancy for designing secure networks.

The centre would also facilitate research work for undergraduate and postgraduate students and researchers in the areas concerned and disseminate research results through journal and conference publications, technical reports and public domain software.

Creating a digital knowledge library in the form of WEB/FTP server consisting of information, undertaking projects with Government of India, Nasscom, IT industry, in collaboration with academia and conducting interdisciplinary training programs for state departments, IT industry and academia would be the other tasks performed by the centre, added officials.

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