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     Students' laptop fun leaves PEC officials pesky

The 'misuse' of laptops by the first-year students of the Panjab Engineering College (deemed university) has irked the college authorities with students using the internet on their laptops more for downloading games, sites and chatting than using it for study.

The authorities are now planning to take corrective measures and block these sites, as most of the 2 MB bandwidth, which PEC has bought, is being exhausted by these.

The university is planning to appoint net administrators who would not only block such sites but would also help monitor their bandwidth and manage traffic on it.

"We have advertised for 3 net administrators for the same," informed Prof Vijay Gupta, Director, PEC.

Laptops were introduced in PEC as part of an overall curriculum- change and was thus compulsory for the first-year students.

The course-content was changed and made more computer-friendly, where in students ought to submit reports, make projects and study certain technical subjects like engineering drawing, graphics, etc on PEC website.

Certain areas in PEC have also been made wifi-enabled to help students access the internet and PEC website, where students can have their own log-in, see their grades, etc. Students can also access lectures delivered through the website.

Students are, however, using the internet facility to chat and download sites.

"We do chat and also play games," acknowledges Pulak, a first-year student.

Students argue that they don't have a choice as there is not much teaching going on the laptop.

"We have only one class in the week which requires us to use the laptop, so what do we do in the spare time," clarifies Pooja Aggarwal also a student of first year.

But authorities are in a different mood. Prof Vijay Gupta says students should use the internet but not to chat and play games.

"Our intention is for students to be more net-friendly and to learn new things, we would like them to surf the internet but not for chatting and downloading sites."

One of the biggest problems the college is now facing is the shortage of bandwidth.

"It is expensive to purchase bandwidth, which costs around Rs 5 lakhs or more, and we would need time for that," say the authorities.

"Authorities hope that till the time they can purchase more bandwidth, blockage of certain sites would help reduce the load on it.

Around 700 PEC students have a laptop of which about 370 students are from the first-year itself.

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