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     PEC releases Vision and Mission document

March 7th 2007, PALS News Service

PEC has finalized and released the following Vision and Mission document. Suggestions are invited from Faculty, Alumni, Students and others till 5th April 2007 to

To become a center of excellence in technical education and research, and to occupy a place amongst the most eminent institutions of the nation.

 To build across the College a culture of excellence in teaching and learning with needed performance and accountability from all support activities.
 To enhance the College standing as the college of choice for students across the country; and to augment the presence of international students to at least ten percent of student body.
 To cultivate a field in which new ideas, research and scholarship flourish leading to emergence of creators, innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs.
 To design the education through a continuous process so that the students qualifying from the College have the top rating in placement.
 To achieve excellence in application-oriented research in selected areas of technology to contribute to the development of the region and the nation.
 To promote co- and extra-curricular activities for over-all personality development of the students.
 To develop responsible citizenship through awareness and acceptance of ethical values.
 To build a family of alumni and friends to create a network of allegiance and support for the College.

Teaching and Learning
 Upgrade teaching and evaluation methodologies to the standards of the leading institutions of the world.
 Provide students with an educational experience that develops in them the capacities for creativity, critical judgement, effective communication, and in-depth knowledge. This includes developing teaching curricula with four specific foci, namely: design focus, technology focus, information and communication technology focus, and focus on skills in experiments.
 Enhance the interaction with industry in teaching programmes through guest lectures, seminars, adjunct faculty programs, and industrial internships for students.
 Increase the participation of faculty from reputed national and international institutions in symposia, seminars, and short-term courses for our students and faculty.
 Induct high-calibre faculty and to upgrade the general level of faculty, their skills and qualifications to seek excellence in performance and to inculcate commitment towards the fulfilment of the mission.
 Augment the proportion of post-graduate students in the college to at least 30 per cent.
 Ensure effective evaluation of teaching curricula, and co-curricular learning opportunities of students.
 Develop a web-enabled campus.
 Work with other institutions of the region to deliver quality education outside the PEC campus.
 Interact and build alliances with universities abroad to benefit by sharing of experience, knowledge, faculty, and facilities.
 Sponsor and encourage fapublication of books and monographs of original work by faculty.
 Develop appropriate programmes for inculcating quality consciousness, appreciation of, and sensitivity to ethical standards, protection of environment and other social responsibilities.

Research Activities
 Select and develop centres of research in areas of immediate relevance to industry and enterprise in the region, and seek high-level human resources for these centres.
 Strengthen the Ph.D. programme by attempting to enrol increasing number of full-time Ph.D. students.
 Rewards and recognize faculty and scholars for research of significance. This includes allowing faculty to be involved in knowledge-intensive start-ups emerging from their research.
 Provide incentive to faculty for research and consultancy.
 Encourage research and development cooperation with faculty of IITs, other reputed institutions, and industrial organizations.
 Set up an incubation park.

Support System
 Revamp the administration for providing efficient and responsive support for all activities of the College.
 Simplify the procedures and increase awareness towards individual accountability.
 Develop support system for students that will offer reliable services, including academic and social counselling.
 Create support system for faculty teaching. This includes an effective and prompt academic office, a facility for pedagogic support and guidance, and a cell for helping faculty use web for teaching.
 Install mechanisms and systems to motivate and reward support staff.

Social Inclusion
 Strive to provide educational opportunities to under-represented groups of students, including women, and those from rural areas.
 Pay special emphasis to improving academic performance of students admitted on preferential basis.
 Provide an infrastructure to match the desired level of excellence. This should include upgrading of classrooms with modern teaching aids and ergonomically designed furniture, modern faculty offices, student common areas, auditorium, and other necessary facilities.
 Develop and environment-friendly campus.
 Create appropriate and adequate residential facilities for staff, especially faculty.
 Build additional hostel facilities for students.

Alumni affairs
 Create a database of alumni to enhance networking.
 Foster among alumni the pride in their alma mater.
 Establish an Alumni Centre with support from the alumni to further the relationship between the College and its former students.
 Collect archival material and to prepare a history of the College.

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